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Geography (KS2, KS3 & KS4 – online) Claire

Geography (KS2, KS3 & KS4 – online) Claire


Product Description

I am a Cambridge University Undergraduate reading Geography, having achieved top A Level grades. As a GCSE tutor I demonstrate my passion for my subject through a flexible and fun tuition style.

Lesson Structure:

I always ensure that I am well prepared for every lesson, with a range of materials available for every student. This allows my classes to be flexible and tailored specifically to my student’s learning. My lessons are a combination of PowerPoints, exam questions, videos and worksheets which keep my students interested and engaged in their subject.

I enjoy thinking of new ways to make my lessons exciting and engaging. For example, I use online interactive whiteboards to allow students to take part in creating the lesson. I find this boosts my students’ confidence and motivation hugely.

Exam board/ Exam technique:

I have experience with AQA and Edexcel exam boards and pay special attention to exam technique. I take care to make sure that every student feels confident and prepared for their exams. When practising exam questions, we focus on understanding question words and essay structure to give each student a personalised exam technique plan that is designed to give them the best possible start in their exam.

Personal Passion for the subject:

Not just a geography tutor, I also attend seminars and lectures hosted around the UK and write blogs for a sustainable living company. Geography is such an important subject for every student and is an essential foundation for later life.

As well as my love for geography I also enjoy choral singing and producing my own radio show in my spare time.


As the preparation for their GCSE year, KS3 is an important time to consolidate sure foundations in Geography. My aim at this level is to boost confidence and enthusiasm for the subject and encourage analytical thinking. Developing the skills required for GCSE is my top priority, which I focus on through the use of interactive activities, videos, worksheets, mind maps, practice paragraphs. By following the same topics as the student’s school, I can enhance the student’s analytical and writing skills as well as their marks in class.


The focus in Years 10 and 11 is, of course, the GCSE examination at the end of Year 11, and tuition at this level is specifically designed to link back to their examination syllabus. Year 10 is a crucial time to get to grips with the GCSE course and the jump from KS3 can be a little daunting. With extra support and guidance at this level, students find themselves growing in confidence and well prepared for Year 11. Having the time to go over the content taught at school at the student’s pace motivates students for the year ahead and gives students an extra boost in preparation for year 11.

Year 11 can be a stressful time for some students, but tuition can help reduce this stress in preparation for exams. The focus during Year 11 is consolidation of topics and perfecting exam technique. Timed practice questions and personalised feedback are just some of the techniques I use at this stage to ensure my students are feeling prepared and confident for their exams.