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Spanish (KS2-A-Level – online)

Spanish (KS2-A-Level – online)


Product Description


I am a recent graduate in both French and Spanish. Since graduating from university with a 2:1 I have been tutoring for 4 months, to a range of levels and backgrounds, such as complete beginners, KS3 and GCSE level. I am passionate about Spanish, which is demonstrated in my tuition style. I am creative, and so like to make the lessons different and fun every time. I have also studied the language abroad, as I have lived in Valencia during my university years, showing how I have a thorough understanding of the subject in which I enjoy exploring and helping others on their journey with Spanish.

My Lesson Structures:

I am always well prepared for every lesson, and I always tailor each lesson around each individual student. I have a range of materials available for each student to use and take home after the lesson. My lessons are always flexible and a fun environment, using a combination of powerpoints, various worksheets to practice what we are learning and also quizzes and games to keep my students engaged, and ailing them to feel comfortable and confident in using their skills and language. I am passionate to create new ways of learning and keep the lessons exciting by using relevant topics and interests whilst learning Spanish, which I have found gives great motivation to learn.

Exam Boards and Technique:

As I am planning to join a PGCE programme in September in order to be a qualified teacher, it is of the utmost importance that the lessons are tailored to ensure my students feel confident and prepared for their exams. When practicing exam questions, we will focus on how to tackle difficult questions in Spanish, what to look out for and the different styles of Spanish exams. We will cover all the skills needed when studying for reading, writing and listening exams, and practice regularly to ensure that my students are aware of how the exams work, and how to be independent and confident when preparing for them. I will also create exam preparation plans that are personalised for each student, highlighting their strengths and what they may need to work on.

Personal Passion for the subject:

As well as being a Spanish tutor, I regularly teach Spanish and French to various family friends and their children. I also studied abroad for 4 months in Valencia to immerse myself in the Spanish language and culture, and since then I love to cook spanish cuisine, and I regularly listen and watch spanish music and films. I even taught myself a few Spanish songs on the guitar just for fun! Furthermore, Spanish is a true passion of mine and I am planning to join a PGCE teacher training program in September in order to become a qualified teacher.

As the preparation for their GCSE year, KS3 is an important time to consolidate sure foundations in English. My aim at this level is to boost confidence/ perfect grammar and spelling/ perfect extended paragraphs/ build up excellent analytical skills/ develop creative writing/ etc. Developing the skills required for GCSE is my top priority, which I focus on through the use of interactive activities/ worksheets/ debates / mindmaps / practice paragraphs. By using extracts from their text from school, I can enhance the student’s analytical/writing/essay skills as well as their marks/grade/ability in class.
The focus in Years 10 and 11 is, of course, the GCSE examination at the end of Year 11, and tuition at this level is specifically designed to link back to their examination syllabus. Year 10 is a crucial time to build knowledge around their texts and creative writing tasks/  build confidence/ start practising exam technique, and the jump from KS3 can be a little daunting. With extra support and guidance at this level, students find themselves growing in confidence/ ahead of the curve/ excelling in classwork/ well prepared for Year 11. Having the time to go over the content taught at school at the student’s pace reduces stress/builds confidence/ builds self-assurance and gives students an extra boost in preparation for year 11/ motivates students for the year ahead.
Year 11 can be a stressful time for some students, but tuition can help reduces stress/builds confidence/ builds self-assurance etc in preparation for exams. The focus during Year 11 is consolidation of topics, and perfecting exam technique. Practice questions/mock exams/ timed essays/ personal feedback/ peer marking are just some of the techniques I use at this stage to ensure my students are feeling prepared and confident for their exams.

It’s well established that the jump to A-level can be a challenging time for some, so a little boost from tuition can make all the difference./  A-level is the opportunity to build on GCSE skills and some extra tuition support during this time can help keep ahead of the curve with the demanding A-level course. At this level, I ensure that there are no gaps from GCSE that may hinder a student’s progress at A-level, so I always take the time to perfect grammar/ spelling/ analytical skills/ comprehension/ punctuation/ creative writing skills before supporting their classwork at school. Essay structure is extremely important at A-level, and having detailed, personalised feedback for each student can make such a difference to their ability/confidence/ class work/ grades.

Adult Learning
Whether you’re a native speaker or not, I can help improve your everyday English skills to enhance job applications/ work-related writing/ writing letters/university essays. It’s never too late to improve your English skills, so get in touch today to see how I can boost your English and achieve your ultimate goal.