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Biology (KS3 and GCSE) – Abi

Biology (KS3 and GCSE) – Abi


Product Description

Biology is one of the core GCSE subjects, and shows logical and analytical thinking.

So why not boost your Biology GCSE grade with private one-to-one tuition?


The First Lesson

The first lesson will be spent finding the best ways to help you learn, and identifying the key areas to improve. Working at your own pace, Abi will increase your confidence and your ability to achieve those higher grades. There are so many topics and facts to learn in Biology, which is where private tuition can be a real benefit. Each person has their own preferred way of learning, and Abi will help find the methods which work for you, and work individually to help you revise in the way that is best for you.

Lesson structure

Regular exam-style questions will help measure your progress, and help you get familiar with exam technique. Abi also puts together an individual course structure for each student, which focuses on building up the less confident topics before developing and perfecting your skills.

The lesson structure is based around using an interactive online whiteboard, which both the student and Abi can draw on. The student can work through practice questions and interactive worksheets on the whiteboard under careful guidance, and in this way Abi can also help with spelling, constructing answers to questions and how to draw scientific diagrams.

As well as using the online whiteboard, Abi also uses the online platform Educake, which provides short, fun quizzes to consolidate the knowledge learnt in the lesson.


Abi has experience teaching multiple exam boards, including AQA, OCR, and Edexcel, as well as IGCSE.