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Maths Lesson


Product Description

I graduated with a BSc Science (Mathematics) degree with (2:1) from Mahidol University (Thailand) in 2019. My Mathematics background has enhanced my analytical skills by achieved research, analytical and problem-solving skills in Math Structure & Proof, Computer Programming, Operation research, Probability & Statistics, Financial Mathematics, Principles of Finance & the theory of interest, data mining, and linear regression. I have done a Dissertation titled ‘Forecasting automobile vehicle insurance pure premium using times series model’ from the Society of Actuaries (SOA) 2019 Student Research Case Study Challenge.

This would be a great benefit for this role, as demonstrated through my experiences in tutoring students on a 1 to 1 and online during years 3 to 12 with a range of academic ability in Mathematics such as number, algebra, ratio, geometry, probability, and statistics in Thailand and KS2-3, GCSE, and Functional Skills 1&2 Maths which I undertook in the UK, as part of my part-time job with Tutor Doctor and Tutor Hunt via online and in-person session. I am tutoring students online via Zoom and Google Meet. I firstly use Word and PowerPoint as my main program to teach my students in the session. Then I will send the session sides to my student via email so they can see the slide first before I teach them the next day. With an IELTS 6.5 score, I am able to deliver my session effectively and efficiently in English. My students can understand the point that I want to convey to them accurately.

Being patient and a good listener is the core of the job, alongside adapting to different learning styles of students to teach them, my students were able to pass and meet their goal with a high score. Moreover, understand what students have been through in their study life is also a significant role to attribute. Open up with them about which step they are struggling with, so we can learn step by step together. I would provide a positive environment to my students during the session that I contribute so they would feel safe, secure, valued, and respected. I ensure that I contribute assessments of needs and support plans for children and young people who are vulnerable.

Working as a teacher would allow me to use my passion for tutoring students who want to enhance their analytic skills of Mathematics by developing teaching techniques and communication skills to my pupils in positive behavior, inspiring personality, and monitor student progress, and take on feedback to continually improve student’s skills. After the session, I would ask my students to provide feedback on my performance in teaching them for each session, so I can develop and enhance my skills to meet the requirement of my students.