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Mathematics (GCSE & IGCSE / Online) – Dalmeet

Mathematics (GCSE & IGCSE / Online) – Dalmeet


Product Description

I am an award-winning science journalist based in London, UK, whose work has featured in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Guardian, The Economist, The Observer, and many other media outlets. See more about my work here: www.dalmeets.com

On the side, I also do some private tutoring. I try to take on students who struggle with maths, and get them up to solid grades. I see my success in their success, and do my best to provide them with a bespoke tutoring experience. I have taught students from several different geographical locations and have worked for some of London’s finest tutoring agencies.

I’ve been tutoring since 2011, teaching students online and in-person. For my online sessions, I typically use Bramble, which has an interactive online board where my students and I can upload and annotate PDF files of exam papers. Bramble also automatically records sessions and emails the audio files to both tutors and students at the end of the lesson.

I have more than a thousand hours of tutoring experience in all the sciences and maths at GCSE and IGCSE levels. In the last couple of years, however, I’ve only taken on Mathematics students, typically those who hate Maths and want to get it out of the way so they can focus on what they really love.

Sometimes I still hear from my former students who are either at university or starting their first jobs, who say they wouldn’t be where they are today if they hadn’t had my help to pass that hurdle. I find that a very rewarding and gratifying experience.