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English Language & Literature and Creative Writing (KS3 / KS4 / KS5) – Tim

English Language & Literature and Creative Writing (KS3 / KS4 / KS5) – Tim


Product Description

I have been a teacher since 1975 so this is my 45th year teaching. For the first 25 years of my career I mainly taught Drama and for the last 20 almost exclusively English, which is where my academic background is rooted. I have a Literature and Arts based undergraduate degree from The Open University which I obtained in 1985, a Master’s Degree in Victorian Literature from Liverpool University which I obtained in 1991 and then from The Open University again, a second Master’s Degree, this time in Creative Writing which I completed last year.

In the UK I have taught English and Drama in a variety of state comprehensive schools and two independent schools. I have also taught in two private schools abroad, first in Saudi Arabia and then in Azerbaijan. In the UK I taught English and Drama up to A Level, an American High School Diploma in Saudi Arabia and IGCSE and IBDP English and Drama in Azerbaijan. This all gives me the confidence be able to help any student I tutor to be successful in almost any curriculum at any level. I also have several years’ experience as private tutor working for numerous families the North-West of England and in Wales as well as for Cheshire LEA where I tutored a disabled 6th Form student in his home.

So my qualifications, coupled with my teaching experience, I feel make me an expert in the teaching of English and Drama and such expertise I am sure will help enhance the knowledge, understanding and exam success of any student I engage with.