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English (KS2 / KS3) – Ifza

English (KS2 / KS3) – Ifza


Product Description

Hi, my name is Ifza. I have been working with children from 2016 and have a teaching degree.


I achieved an A grade in ks3 maths and have tutored children in maths and helped them pass their exams. I can help simplify maths concepts and help you tackle those killer maths questions. Also, I have a BA Hons degree in English. I can help prepare you for your exams or study English at whichever level you are at and whichever year you are in.

I make sure my lessons are interactive and engaging. I make sure you learn and thrive. I strongly believe teaching is more than just teaching numbers and words. I encourage all my pupils to celebrate what makes them different and unique and help them find that something that makes them special.

Come and join me to help you thrive and celebrate your learning journey.