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Drama – Online Sessions – (Beginners & Intermediate) – Charlene

Drama – Online Sessions – (Beginners & Intermediate) – Charlene


Product Description

This Online Drama course will be tailored to suit your needs.  Are you someone who may have an audition for a drama school or for a performance? You may be studying drama and need assistance with script writing or building on your character. Perhaps you have an interest in dramatic arts and would like to experience it in the comfort of your home?

In this session you will explore important AQA Performer skills such as:

  • Character Dialogue – learn methods to memorize lines
  • Character Analysis – the ability to create, interpret and perform a character
  • Facial expressions – the ability to express emotions to the audience
  • Timing – the skill to analyse the appropriate need for stillness, pause and movement
  • Vocal Projection – developing your pitch and tone to better portray a character

I am a trained Pro-level actress and script writer, having trained at two drama schools and obtained a BA (Hons) degree in Drama & Psychology. I have directed and co-directed many plays and musicals as well as acting in films & theatre performances. For many years I co-found a drama company working with teenagers and young adults to develop in their skills as performers & writers, many have gone on to screen performances and singing careers.

I will be delighted to help you!