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A Level Maths Tuition Year 13 – Arlen Academy

A Level Maths Tuition Year 13 – Arlen Academy


Product Description


Tuition Overview

This course aims to support students in the build up to their A Level Maths examinations. As well as ensuring that concepts which are taught in the school environment are thoroughly understood by students, they will also be given a greater depth of knowledge for each of the topics covered. A specific focus on exam practice, including how to respond to different questions in order to gain maximum marks, will be ever present during lessons so that students are adequately prepared for their A Level examinations.

We plan our online tuition sessions around the needs of our students. All of our teaching is governed by the syllabus with a particular focus on exam technique and preparation, the sessions are responsive to what the students wish to work on and are not constrained by having to follow a prescribed scheme of work in a limited time period. The collegiate group format of our sessions together with individual study time allocated to each student, allows each tutee to progress and develop in the subject.

Optional homework is set after each class, we strongly encourage our students to complete the practice questions we set in order to consolidate their understanding of the topics covered in the lesson.

The Arlen Academy

Our Arlen Academy group classes are taught using our bespoke online platform, which allows students to learn from the comfort of their own homes, whilst giving them access to world class tutors. Classes consist of up to four students, with the occasional group of 5, which means students have incredibly bespoke teaching and are able to voice their concerns about any topics which they are struggling with.

Free Trial Lesson

These group sessions are available for only £16.50 per hour (excluding VAT) and last 90 minutes per session. If you would like to trial one of our classes absolutely free of charge, just get in touch with us via enquiries@arleneducation.com or use the “Message Tutor” function on the right hand side of this page.

If you would like to see our other group online classes, just click here.

Still unsure whether to book?

Read our long list of customer reviews here, detailing the outstanding tuition that we provide to each of our students.

Meet The Tutor

Kara graduated from Imperial College having obtained an MSci. She embarked on 18 months of travel before being employed on a graduate scheme learning computer programming. After four years in this career Kara had the opportunity to move to Chicago, USA, where she had a few temporary jobs before settling to work for a charitable organisation promoting health and fitness for girls. This sparked a passion for working with young people and on returning to the UK in 2010 Kara started working as a teaching assistant before deciding to train to teach mathematics.

Kara trained as a maths teacher in 2011, gaining her PGCE through the Graduate Teaching Programme at Landau Forte College and the University of Nottingham. She has since taught mathematics at KS3, GCSE and A Level. She is currently an examiner for Pearson for A level mathematics.

Everyone can succeed at mathematics and Kara works to break down the stigma surrounding maths by making lessons enjoyable and accessible to all.