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Business (A Level – online) – Sarah

Business (A Level – online) – Sarah


Product Description

I have been a business teacher and examiner for 20 years.  I am a current Head of Business at the top school in Derbyshire, but I only work part-time so that I am free to run my publishing, resource writing and tutoring company, Revisionstation. Please follow me on twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

My tutoring style is fun, but working with purpose.  In my opinion Business is the best subject to teach, as each topic brings something new and exciting.  Even after 20 years teaching it I am always learning something new.   It is dynamic, and so companies are always changing, expanding, merging and even closing.  I might encourage tutees to investigate the demise of Debenhams, Patisserie Valerie or even Toys R Us, looking for the reasons behind the closure.

As well as teaching, I also run a business resources company, so I have access to first class teaching materials to suit all styles of learning.  I read the business news every day and I encourage all my tutees to do the same. We can then discuss Brexit and impact on trade blocs, tariffs and protectionist policies, or Walkers new crisp flavours and how this is an example of product life cycle extension.

I have lots of sample questions and access to a huge bank of resources that most schools and colleges do not have. I have a wealth of experience with two decades as a business examiner.  I can help boost your marks with very little extra effort, with inside tips and hints to help improve your exam technique to maximise your potential.

Hope to hear from you soon.