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Theology Tuition (A-level to pre-university and Adult Learning) – Hannah Theology A Level, Adult Learning


I have gained both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Theology and Christian Theology from Liverpool Hope University, with experience of teaching all throughout my A-Level studies, and then during university, as a mentor, a one-to-one tutor, and a teacher of fairly large groups. Throughout my studies at university, I discovered that oftentimes, students were too afraid to ask the big questions in life, for fear of them being seen as not relevant to the 21st century.

However, theology has lived and breathed throughout the centuries, and will continue to do so. Once called “the queen of the sciences” by Immanuel Kant, theology, especially during the time of Covid-19, has become more necessary than ever, as faith groups move in most cases to online worship, people spend more time questioning time passing, and how to bring more meaning into life, once fundamental privileges, such as socialising have been taken away.

Through my time at university, theology has moved away from stuffy, armchair theological discourse, into vibrant, novel and fascinating expressions of itself. There is still a stigma surrounding the study of theology- that it’s only for old, boring people, who have nothing better to do but sit in stuffy offices, not wanting to venture outside. However this simply is not the case anymore.

Theology is vital to today’s 21st century age, with the rise of LGBTQ+ rights, the Black Lives Matter movement, and so many others around the world- a knowledge of these real-world issues, puts students at a greater advantage, becoming more tolerant and accepting of all people from all walks of life.

I greatly believe that becoming well-versed in Christian Theology, and Theology in general is highly valuable for today’s society, and I wish to make all of my lessons as enjoyable and exciting as possible; so that I can share my passion since the age of 11 with the next generation of theologians.

My lessons will be varied and engaging, with an exploration into primary issues, with titbits into various other lesser-known groups, in order to create more exposure to different belief systems and to enable maximum engagement. I enjoy all forms of media to enhance learning, from videos of different groups around the world, to quizzes and mini tests, designed to help students draft essay plans. However, whichever medium I use, I will always make sure that the student feels confident in asking the big questions. I will make sure that I familiarise myself with the specific syllabus, and I will ensure that students will feel confident enough to take on the exam.

Having studied theology for four years at university, publishing and being part of a conference organisation committee, I have nurtured my love for this subject in all its forms, and I truly love imparting knowledge to others, so that more students can enjoy asking the big questions in life, rather than hiding from religion, and its stereotype of being “boring.”

Key Stage 5

A-Level theology is fascinating, and as it is a relatively new addition to the A-Level examinations, there is much to discuss. I will ensure that I will cover any parts in the syllabus in which the individual student is struggling, in order to create a better learning experience all round for the student. Jumping from GCSE Religious Studies to A-Level theology is sometimes intimidating, as the student begins to “dig deeper” into the subject matter. I will ensure that the student feels comfortable talking about the bigger questions, and truly diving into the world of theology, from the slightly tamer world of Religious Studies.

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I am a 22 year oId Undergraduate and Master's graduate in Theology and Bible in Pastoral Contexts from Liverpool Hope University, with a background in Religious Philosophy and Ethics, Jewish Theology and Philosophy, mental health and religion, and Biblical Greek. I have a great
propensity for abstract thinking, and I am always asking the big questions in life.

During my Master's degree, I published an article and book review in the academic journal "Anabaptism Today," and my Master's thesis centered upon the effect that a strict, literalist reading of the Bible has upon the development of mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and delusional disorders.

I am highly passionate about young people's mental health, and as such, I am a registered mental health listener on 7 Cups- a mental health chat line, and have been for a few years now.

I relish the opportunity, and the ability to be continually learning more about my subject(s). As such, I took it upon myself to become conversationally fluent in Pennsylvania Dutch- the language of the culture I was studying, in order to further understand them.

I value time management to the utmost level, and as such, I never missed a deadline at university. Additionally, I never shirk my responsibilities; as when I commit to an obligation, I always perform it to the best of my ability.

I possess a great ability to work fast but effectively and well, and would be able to attend to individual's needs, whilst also
ensuring that my duties are completed to the best of my ability at all times.

I have great organisational skills, and as such, I am very dependable and willing to adopt new strategies, in order to further my skills, and the learning experience of my students. I aim to create a fun, friendly, and non-intimidating environment, where questions can be asked, and every opinion is valued.