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Spanish Tuition (KS2 to A-Level – online) Emily Spanish A Level, Adult Learning, GCSE, KS2, KS3

Long Eaton

I am a recent graduate in both French and Spanish. Since graduating from university with a 2:1 I have been tutoring for 4 months, to a range of levels and backgrounds, such as complete beginners, KS3 and GCSE level. I am passionate about Spanish, which is demonstrated in my tuition style. I am creative, and so like to make the lessons different and fun every time. I have also studied the language abroad, showing how I have a thorough understanding of the subject in which I enjoy exploring and helping others on their journey with Spanish.

My Lesson Structures:
All of my lessons are personalised to meet the individual needs and requirements of each student. I have a range of materials available to use and take home after the lesson. My lessons are always flexible, using a combination of Powerpoints, various worksheets to practice what we are learning and also quizzes and games to keep my students engaged, and helping them to feel comfortable and confident in using their skills and language. I am passionate to create new ways of learning and keep the lessons exciting by using relevant topics and interests whilst learning Spanish, which I have found gives great motivation to learn.

Exam Boards and Technique:
As I am planning to join a PGCE programme in September in order to be a qualified teacher, it is of the utmost importance that the lessons are tailored to ensure my students feel confident and prepared for their exams. When practicing exam questions, we will focus on how to tackle questions in Spanish, what to look out for and the different styles of Spanish exams. We will cover all the skills needed when studying for reading, writing and listening exams, and practice regularly to ensure that my students are aware of how the exams work, and how to be independent and confident when preparing for them. I will also create exam preparation plans that are personalised for each student, highlighting their strengths and what they may need to work on.

As KS3 students are preparing for their GCSEs, my aim at this level is to boost confidence when practicing Spanish. My priorities would be working on perfecting grammar and spelling for the reading and writing exams. For the speaking and listening exam modules, we will cover various topics that may be in the exams, learning vital vocabulary and tips on what key information to listen out for. Enhancing these key skills in order to be prepared for GCSE level is my top priority, which we will cover through various interactive activities, worksheets, mind maps and practice sentences and paragraphs. By also using pieces of their progress from school, I will develop the student’s skills in seeing what they need to improve and how to improve their grade in class.

Year 10 and 11 is a crucial time as the GCSE examinations will be at the end of year 11, and so my tuition would be specifically tailored to relate back to exam preparation for this level. The step up from KS3 can be daunting, and so I would prioritise building confidence in Spanish by practicing exam boards and techniques. With extra help and support when dealing with exams at this level, students can find themselves growing in confidence and excelling in classwork, meaning they are well prepared for Year 11, and even ahead of the curve. By having the time to practice content taught at school at the student’s pace reduces their stress but also puts them in great stead to motivate them for their upcoming exams. Year 11 can put a lot of pressure and stress on students, but tuition can build self-assurance and reduce the pressure as they enhance key skills and techniques for exam season. At this stage I use a range of techniques such as mock exams, personal feedback and practice questions to ensure my students feel confident and prepared for their exams.

The jump to A-Level from GCSE can be daunting and overwhelming for some, and so extra help from tuition can give students the extra support they need. A-level is the opportunity to improve the skills that students have learnt at GCSE level, and so through extra tuition support, students can keep ahead of the curve. At this level I prioritise perfecting grammar, creative writing skills and broadening vocabulary skills whilst also supporting classwork at school, which all ensure there are no gaps from GCSE to A-Level. We will also focus on essay structure as it this is extremely important at A-Level, and having detailed feedback tailored to each student personally can make all the difference to their confidence, class work and grades.

Adult Learning
Whether you have studied Spanish before or it is completely new, I can help to improve your skills and knowledge of the language from any level. Lessons can be tailored to what you would like to learn, such as holding a comfortable conversation in Spanish, writing letters or work-related essays. It’s never too late to learn a new skill or improve on what you already know, so please feel welcome to get in touch to see how I can boost your Spanish and achieve your ultimate goal.

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I am a graduate in French and Spanish. I have a passion for teaching others, and I take joy in helping others to learn and grow in languages. With my experience from living in both France and Spain, I also understand the importance of language and culture. When tutoring others, I like to incorporate both culture and language by making the lessons enjoyable and relevant.