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Phonics/English (KS2) – Claudia English KS2


I hold a year and a half of experience of helping children to flourish with their phonics/English- consisting of helping them with spelling, learning all about the concepts of vowels/consonants and when to use them/where they are used in writing to form words, and identifying the differences between nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs- these are the basics of helping children in these age groups; ranging from children of reception age to year 3 children. I use fun techniques such as activity books which contain lots of exciting stickers and stories that really help achieve a wow factor  that a child needs to thrive and be enjoy phonics as part of their essential learning!

I have recently been praised highly for tutoring a young girl with her phonics. Prior to helping her, she struggled to understand the concept of phonics since her parents’ are Polish so have difficulty with assisting her with this at home as they are not  fluent with speaking in English. I have built a good rapport with this young girl and I ensure I make this learning as compelling and thrilling for her as possible!

To help both children and parents’ get the most out of my sessions, I set tasks for them to complete during and sometimes after the session that I believe they  have the ability of doing. I write in bold, colourful writing to captivate the attention of young learners because I believe learning needs to be fun and I have found that, for example, when writing is in a funky font, children tend to focus and pay more interest to it!

Furthermore, I use phonics flashcards and ask the child to sound out the letters, as well as use actions to show they have an understanding of the word they are learning about. I also play videos on YouTube that relate to the task, which is another concept of my sessions that I find really helps to engage the child( they’re also great for remembering!).

I get a great feeling of satisfaction knowing I am able to bring with me excitement and optimism to get childrens’ brains in gear ready to tackle the tasks at hand!

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Hey! My name is Claudia.

As well as tutoring a young girl at the weekend(I have been doing this for almost a year), I also help my child who's at the very important stage in his learning journey where phonics is an essential stepping stone to reading success!

I'm a fun and ambitious individual. I'm reliable, trustworthy and punctual(I'm never late to anything!) You can feel assured that I'll be someone you can rely on to offer a tutoring service with passion.


Great- quality phonics teaching
with a coverage of other areas in English, including spelling and other essential aspects of the school English curriculum that's taught to young children to help them feel confident and ready!
Efficiency- I will record and track the progress of each and every student to ensure they are meeting their target and discuss this with parents' at the end of the tutoring session.

A little more about me: Since leaving school at 15, I knew I wanted to work with children because I understand learning is a fundamental part of their growth and wellbeing- so with this in mind, I continued my educational path at college at age 16 where I studied a diploma in Childcare which mostly consisted of working with small children up to pre-school age- Gaining this diploma has enabled me become more knowledgeable since it has helped me to prepare for the road ahead.

As part of the placement at a pre-school, I had the privilege of enveloping myself in exciting EYFS phonics activities with the children, which included but was not limited to reading to them(all the while, encouraging them to read out loud) captivating illustrations to give them the wow factor and prepare them for a lifetime of reading pleasure!

Overall, I have a year and a half worth of phonics experience to offer!

Prior to the closure of schools due to Covid-19, I volunteered with reception and year one aged children; teaching phonics was a crucial part of this,as was reading with children and having them read to me. Part of what I did was taking notes of childrens' progress; jotting these down in their reading diaries for parents', as well as any advice if it was necessary.

I now currently tutor a young girl on a Saturday- this is to help her with her understanding of phonics since her parents' are Polish so need some assistance in doing so. As part of this learning, I immerse her in the world of phonics with lots of books that contain activities and stickers. I find this massively helps rather than just giving her some phonics to look at and memorise. Her mum has complimented and eulogised me highly by telling me I have helped her daughter to progress so much so that her teacher has put her up a few phonics phases at school! I get great pleasure in knowing I'm able to help her succeed with this and would really like to give other children a 'helping hand' to get then started for the long journey of learning that awaits them!

I am more than happy to screenshot my DBS for any parents' for peace of mind. This is on the DBS Update Service.

I did specify bookings for in the morning only, however I can also work for a few hours in the evening(between 4pm and 6pm during the week), but no amendments over the weekend :)