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Maths Tuition (KS3, GCSE, and adult tuition- Online) – Roisin Maths GCSE, KS3


I am a qualified maths teacher with a years experience of tutoring. My teaching experience has led me to be flexible, creative and compassionate in my teaching style, which is demonstrated in my tuition style and my tutees results.

I always ensure that I am well prepared for every lesson, with a range of materials available for every student. This allows my classes to be flexible and differentiated specifically to my student’s learning. My lessons are a combination of PowerPoints, exam questions, quizzes, worksheets and videos which keep my students interested and engaged in their subject. I enjoy thinking of new ways to make my lessons exciting and engaging as I find this boosts my students’ confidence and motivation hugely.

I have experience teaching AQA, Edexcel, OCR, IGCSE exam boards and pay special attention to exam technique. I take care to make sure that every student feels confident and prepared for their exams. When practising exam questions, we focus on interpreting the question to give each student the confidence to tackle questions and achieve their best in their exams.

Maths is such an important subject for every student and is an essential foundation for later life which is why I find it so rewarding to tutor math.


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Hi, my name is Roisin and I am a recently qualified secondary mathematics teacher and experienced tutor. I find that it is so important to have a good understanding of maths in later life, however, so many students do not feel that this is something achievable for them. I strongly disagree, and believe everyone can achieve in maths but it is so important that maths is taught in a way that suits the individual as there is such a variety in the way math can be taught, no one way is suitable for everyone. That is why I like to find the way that is best for my students m to deepen their understanding of maths. I am very patient and organised and will be able to develop sessions designed for you that will help you to achieve your mathematical goals whether that is helping with homework or deepening your understanding of certain topics.