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Maths (KS2 , KS3, GCSE – online & in-person) – Ashley Maths GCSE, KS2, KS3


After over 30 years of professional life in the world of finance, I have for the last few years been offering tutoring in Maths at KS2, KS3 and GCSE level. I am also available for tutoring in areas such as Economics and Finance. For the last 18 months I have been working as a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University’s Business School, delivering a range of Finance modules to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

I am passionate about helping young people learn, and develop to meet their potential, and aim to deliver teaching in an engaging and friendly fashion, students learn more effectively with a smile on their face.

I always ensure that I am well prepared for every lesson, with a range of materials available for every student. I tailor my lessons to the specific requirements of the student, responding to their thoughts on areas where help is needed, as well as covering the broader curriculum.

A solid understanding of Maths arms students to succeed across a wide range of academic disciplines.

I aim to provide material in advance of the lesson to allow preparation time.

I take care to make sure that every student feels confident and prepared for their exams. When practising exam questions, we focus on areas that they can develop techniques to achieve clarity of thought, and a stress-free approach in the examination room.

Not just a Maths tutor and Lecturer, I am also Chair of Governors at Ashbourne primary School, and coach a local Junior Football Club (as well as Dad to a 16 year old).

As the preparation for their GCSE year, KS3 is an important time to consolidate strong foundations in Maths. My aim at this level is to boost a student’s confidence and encourage them to take risks, only by being brave and creative can they push themselves to greater heights ,developing the skills required for GCSE and beyond.

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I am an experienced practitioner offering tuition in Mathematics, Economics and Business Studies, I obtained my Honours degree in Economics and Politics at the University of Leeds and my Postgraduate Diploma at the University of Birmingham Business School.
My professional background is in the world of finance, I worked for over 30 years in a number of roles for large financial institutions.
In recent years I have learned to enjoy the challenge of helping younger minds come to terms with the principles of mathematics/economic theory/the world of business, from KS2 to postgraduate level.
I work as an Associate Lecturer in the Business Schools at both Nottingham Trent and Birmingham City Universities teaching finance related modules to both undergraduates and postgraduates, and through Arlen am now well into my second year tutoring Maths to secondary school students.
I am an FA qualified junior football coach, and have coached local teams for a number of years. One of the key things I have learned in that time is that youngsters learn faster and better with a smile on their face, I try and work on this basis with my tutoring, I like my students to enjoy the time we work together, in a relaxed and friendly environment, with the aim of altering the sometimes daunting impression they have of a subject or topic and allowing them to discover solutions for themselves, with careful guidance as needed.
I firmly believe confidence is the key to learning and improving, I encourage students to take risks, be brave enough to have a go at answering to the best of their ability, and to not be worried if they aren’t totally correct first time, but to learn from any mistakes, not be disheartened by them.
Mathematics is a very like a language based not on letters but numbers, and like all languages different people learn it best in different ways, I am happy to keep trying different approaches with a student until we find the one that works, then we capitalise upon the momentum as understanding grows.