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Maths (KS2 , KS3, GCSE – online & in-person) – Alan Maths A Level, GCSE, KS2, KS3


I am a full-time freelance tutor of both Maths and Science, with 30 years of experience. I can offer tuition in both Maths and the 3 Sciences at GCSE and A level Physics.

I am a fully qualified teacher of Science and Maths. I retired from school teaching in 2015, after serving 25 years in 2 state Secondary schools. This enabled me to undertake a career as a Tutor.

I worked, for 2 years, as a part-time Physics and Maths Tutor at The University of Derby. I taught Foundation Degree Physics and GCSE maths students to Adult students. I then worked, for the next two years teaching GCSE maths in two local colleges, working with apprentices on vocational courses.

I am working as a private tutor in both Maths and Science. I have taken on more one to one and online tuition over the last five years. I work with Arlen tutor agency teaching online Physics A level and GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Maths.
Having taught up to A level standard in sixth form, I am fully aware of the pace of the subject matter is taught. This means I can cover the work at the right level, so the students fully understand the topic.

I have a very wide range of teaching materials that I can readily share during the online lessons. I have several IT teaching packages to assess the students levels of understanding. I use the shared whiteboard to assist my assessment of the student’s ability using a variety of examples and targeted questions. While practicing questions, my students develop their problem solving, analytical and numeracy skills.

I believe that I am creative. I take a concept and shape a lesson that is engaging and dynamic to grab the student’s attention. I am determined in that I will pursue the necessary means to reach all students whatever the challenge is. I am sensitive to a student’s struggles and adapt ways to assist them. I have always been dedicated and spend the necessary time to provide your students with the best education.

The main benefit of online tuition is that it is an engaging and a rewarding way for students to learn. During each online lesson students can discuss what they are learning in an informal way. This enables students to retain information better. Through continuous formative assessment, I am able to shape the lesson to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and thus employ preferred learning styles.

Overall, all students have the benefit of unique learning experience in the comfort of their own home.

My aims are to assist the student in achieving their full potential, help them to gain confidence in their ability, and to work towards achieving optimum grade.

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I have plenty of enthusiasm and the ability to motivate students. I have a willingness to provide outstanding support for learners. I also believe I have an extensive knowledge of maths. I am flexible and self-motivated with a dedication to student achievement. I have a passion for education and to develop the maths skills of students. I am up to date with the content of the GSCE course and I have a large range of resources I can use in the classroom.

I am fully aware of the new specification of both AQA and Edexcel GCSE content. I am confident that I can employ many forms of assessment for learning strategies to ensure the students can be more confident in their ability to achieve their target grade. Many of the strategies I have used successfully in science can now be used in maths.
My mission is to make an impact in the classroom with a range of activities to stimulate and engage the students and help you recognise any misconceptions. I use questioning techniques to move students forward in number, algebra, shape and handling data. I recognise the link between improved literacy and improved mathematics understanding and reasoning. I also like to use IT packages to enhance the teaching and learning.