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English (KS3, GCSE, A Level) – Chris English A Level, GCSE


As a qualified languages teacher I have a wealth of experience in linguistics and started my teaching career in the English classroom. Having studied English at A Level, I have a thorough understanding and knowledge of both English language and literature. Through my time teaching in different schools I have gained an insight into the myriad of different problems that people can face and have developed techniques to overcome these barriers. I have a deep passion for the English language and enjoy sharing this with my students.

I ensure that my lessons are fun and interactive, with a selection of different activities in order to challenge my pupils but also to ensure maximum retention. I enjoy focusing on the foundations of English and ensuring that students have solid foundations in grammar, punctuation and vocabulary before we move onto looking at the complex structures that will gain students top marks in GCSE and A Level examinations.

I have experience working with GCSE and A Level students with exam boards OCR, AQA and Edexcel, and I pride myself on imparting exemplary exam techniques upon students so that they can go into their examinations feeling confident and well-prepared.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 level, there is a strong focus in the GCSE examinations upon grammar, spelling and punctuation and therefore I ensure that each lesson starts with a review of one of these areas. Once we are certain that the student has excellent foundations in the basics of English, we then move onto looking at different pieces of literature to analyse techniques and how to employ these in our own writing. We can study the same texts during our tuition sessions that the student is studying in class in order to ensure a deeper level of clarity and help the student translate the private tuition into classwork.

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  • Jane S
    December 4, 2020 at 5:25 pm

    My son has completely changed his outlook to English after lessons with Chris. We started to have a regular session each week on Zoom during lockdown. It says it all that my son is adamant about carrying on with the weekly session, even though he’s back at school. It’s amazing to see the difference in his work. Chris has made a real effort to create lessons that connect and engage and his effort and commitment has really paid off for my son. I cannot recommend Chris highly enough.

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I am a qualified languages teacher, with experience teaching students from Key Stage Three all the way through to A Levels, university preparation and adults looking to improve their conversational language.

Whilst studying French and German at university I spent a year abroad working in Berlin where I was able to improve my German language skills greatly. With regards to my French language, I use this every day as I am married to a French national and so half of my family are now from Lyon!

I have taught in a number of environments which have demonstrated to me the need for flexibility when teaching languages; using different resources for different students and adapting my teaching to suit the student. I like to use modern resources such as Spotify, Netflix and news stories in order to make the language more applicable in everyday life.