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English (KS2, KS3, GCSE, A Level, Adult Learning – Online) – Rafaela English A Level, Adult Learning, GCSE, KS2, KS3


About me:

Hi everyone, I am Rafaela. I am a qualified English teacher, with over 10 years teaching experience in the classroom from KS3 straight up to A level. My teaching experience has led me to be  creative and passionate about my subject, which is demonstrated in my flexible and engaging tuition style. I am also an ESOL and IELTS examiner and Interlocutor. Additionally, I specialise in teaching English for various certificates such as IELTS, CAMBRIDGE FC, CAE, CPE, ESOL and many others.My BA is in English Language and Literature and my MA in Education (Educational Technologies).  My lessons are customised and despite the level of difficulty which is sometimes associated with the exercises and assignments, a friendly atmosphere is maintained as my motto is “create meaningful and fun experiences while learning or teaching.”

Lesson Structure:

I always ensure that I am well prepared for every lesson, with a range of materials available for every student. This allows my classes to be flexible and tailored specifically to my student’s needs. My lessons are a combination of powerpoints, exam questions, quizzes or even videos which aim to keep my students interested and engaged in their subject.

I enjoy thinking of new ways to make my lessons exciting and engaging. For example, I use lyrics from songs to contectualise vocabulary studied for the students to be able to assimilate the necessary vocabulary items. I find this boosts my students’ confidence and motivation hugely.

Adult Learning:

Apart from school students, I also specialise in adult learning. Whether your aiming at scoring high in a language exam or just in the mood of improving your everyday English skills, I can help you along the way and make it a memorable experience for you. It’s never too late to improve your English skills, so get in touch today to see how I can boost your English and achieve your ultimate goal!


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I have studied English Language and Literature and completed an MA in Education with a specialisation in Educational Technologies. I have also specialised in translation and have been working as a freelancer many years. During my ten year teaching career, I have taught students of various age groups; starting from nursery students straight up to university students and adults. I have also worked as an interlocutor for various language competency exams. As for my hobbies, travelling is definitely my cup of tea and so are water sports; I devote my leisure time to canoeing. I also enjoy long walks in nature with a gripping literature book.