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Education Consultancy

We understand that choosing the perfect tutor for yourself or your child can be a daunting task, and therefore our consultancy service is here to take that task out of your hands.

We will conduct an initial 30-minute video interview to understand your requirements and your goals for tuition, before providing a bespoke assessment in order to analyse areas for development in your chosen subjects.

Next, we will use this bespoke assessment to match you or your child with the ideal candidate. We will provide a full report detailing areas that the assessment has shown require some development, and why the selected tutor is the right fit.

Finally, we will organise your first lesson with the tutor on your behalf and should you have any further queries, we will remain on hand to help.

Other ServicesWe also offer a selection of other services


We will review school reports and set an assessment appropriate for the level of the student. This is then marked and a report produced on their relative strengths and weaknesses based on which a programme of study will be developed and discussed in an online meeting with the assessor. We will also shortlist a selection of tutors for the client who would be an excellent match to help the student.

Price (ex VAT)


Arlen Education will conduct and interview and school report review with the student (c. 30 minutes) and based on this we will recommend a selection of our extensive tuition team to help. Ideal for busy families and parents who don’t quite have the time to review all of the tutors we have available.


Have practice papers graded by one of our expert tutors with exam marking experience and receive a clear indication of the level the student is currently working at. No need to wait weeks for a school teacher to mark a paper, we will have it graded in 2 working days.


We can offer a detailed report to accompany any marked papers as an optional extra. This report will offer commentary and guidance on how to improve your answers as well as a strength and weaknesses analysis.


Many of our tutors are expert UCAS advisers across a range of subjects, if you are in need of advice on how to write and structure your personal statement we would be happy to help. This service is charged on an hourly rate dependent on the tutor in question and will offer drafting and structuring advice to ensure your statement stands out from the crowd!

£40 – £60

Mock Interview

Are you applying to Oxbridge, Medical / Law School or any other courses which require an interview as part of the application? Our UCAS experienced tutors are able to conduct mock interviews and provide advice on how to succeed in this crucial part of the application process. This service is charged on an hourly rate dependent on the tutor in question.

£40 – £60

Interested in our education consultancy service?

For further information and to register your interest, just fill in the information below and a member of the team will be in touch with you shortly.