A-Level Biology – Years 12 & 13

The Arlen Online Academy is a bespoke online platform which provides students with access to first class tuition and resources from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Powered by Linkstreet, our platform works on all iOS and Android devices. Each student has access to the Arlen Online app for mobile learning and assessment.

A-Level Biology – Years 12 & 13
Workshops are structured as 4-week (8hrs) units of lessons according to the syllabus and requirements of individual groups.

Year 12 and 13 sessions are structured separately. Our specialist tutor and structured blocks of sessions will develop and improve understanding of key A-Level topics with focused attention on exam technique.

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Student Requirements

Our A-Level programmes run for both Year 12 and Year 13 students (separately). Whether a pupil is just beginning A-Level studies in Year 12 or looking for some extra help in Year 13 as the final exams approach, our 4-week courses will help.

Example 4-Week Lesson Structure

We operate a flexible course structure which is moulded around the needs of our student groups. We have active and continuous dialogues with our students about their areas of weakness and uncertainty, using homework and teaching resources to fill gaps in understanding.

Example Year 12 A-Level Biology Course:

Lesson 1 – Plant transport systems
Objective: revise and consolidate transport of water in plants. Group task: discussion around mass transport / stomata / transpiration. Homework: past paper exam questions.

Lesson 2 – The Heart 1 – Structure & Adaptations
Objective: revise and consolidate the structure of the heart and adaptations for efficient blood flow. Group task: PowerPoint discussion. Homework: past paper exam questions.

Lesson 3 – The Heart 2 – Cardiac Cycle
Objective: ensure students understand and can apply knowledge of Cardiac Cycle to exam style assessment. Homework: past paper exam questions.

Lesson 4 – Blood Vessels
Objective: Understand adaptations and functions of different blood vessels. Homework: past paper exam questions.

How Arlen Online Works

The Arlen Online Academy is a bespoke online platform which provides students with access to first class tuition and resources from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Powered by Linkstreet, our platform works on all iOS and Android devices.
Each student has access to the Arlen Online app for mobile learning and assessment.

Our tutors
Arlen Education only works with professional, experienced, Enhanced DBS checked tutors. All of our team are subject experts trained to bring the best out of their students.

Each student is invited to attend an online training session before the lessons begin where they are introduced to how the lessons are structured and where to access the

Arlen Online Platform

Arlen Online – powered by Linkstreet
Each student is provided with access to the Arlen Online Academy where the course is structured and the materials for each lesson are stored. Arlen Online is integrated with Zoom; each class is joined from the platform and centrally structured. Within the platform are class materials and also past paper questions to assist with self-learning. Teaching takes place in small groups of up to 5 students.

Online Whiteboard – powered by BitPaper
During the classes, an online whiteboard is shared with students which has all materials uploaded onto it. The tutor is able to annotate the whiteboard remotely via an iPad connection. At the end of each class the whiteboard is uploaded to the platform so no notes are ever lost.

Course Structure

Each block of lessons is structured around a 4 week timetable, based on 1.5-2hrs of tuition per week with homework and self-study. We plan each block of lessons in accordance with the needs of the particular group, structuring sessions to cover topics to address areas of weakness. We always incorporate requests from students to work on particular topics which they find challenging. Homework is set according to each pupil’s needs and submitted via Arlen Online.

Exam Technique – focus on past paper questions
All of our tutors utilise our extensive library of past paper questions to build student confidence in meeting the expectations of the examiners.

Course Structure

Homework / Reporting
Our tutors set homework to consolidate the topic being taught during the session. This is usually a set of past paper questions in line with our focus on improving exam technique. At the end of each block of lessons the tutors will share a short report with the students with advice on how to improve further.

Arlen Mobile App – powered by RapL
All students have access to the Arlen mobile app. Tutors set short sets of questions via the app which the students complete on their mobile devices. RapL identifies individual knowledge gap and uses spaced repetition of scenarios in weak areas until the student has mastered the topic.

An Experienced & Professional Tutor Team

Arlen Education provides tuition and support to groups and individuals via our tuition centres, in person and on the Arlen Online Academy to students across three continents. We understand intrinsically what it takes to succeed in the UK examination system and have years of experience in helping students fulfil their potential.

All of our tutors are qualified, experienced, trained and highly professional individuals. They are all Enhanced DBS Certified and have undergone a rigorous recruitment procedure to ensure we provide the best quality tuition to our clients.

Homework & Progress Tracking

Arlen Online provides students with access to 1,000s of past paper questions as well as a full suite of past examination papers. Our tuition team will set assessments and targets for our students to complete in order to progress and track their learning. This is managed by a tutor, not a computer, so we are able to provide bespoke recommendations and advice, not generic, computer generated, “one-size-fits-all” suggestions.

Our online quizzes, run through Rapl & Educake, feed into our platform and allow tutors to track understanding and progress. These are short assessments written in line with the syllabus and provide students with the chance to quickly practice and test their understanding of specific topics within the programme.

4 weeks (8hrs)

Weekly Online Tuition,
Homework & Progress Tracking

Structured Learning & Guidance


Meet some of our tuition team

How we select our tutors
Arlen Education operates a selective recruitment procedure to ensure that we only work with the best and most qualified tutors. Many of our team have worked with Arlen since the opening of our first tuition centre and we have a longstanding and close relationship. All of our tutors:

— hold Enhanced DBS Certificates
— are subject experts experienced in planning schemes of work to meet syllabus objectives
— are either qualified teachers or have thousands of hours private tuition experience
— are engaging and passionate teachers experienced at bringing the best out of their students

Kieron (MA Cantab.) is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and has worked at some of the UK’s leading schools. He is a specialist in online tuition and works with clients based in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Dubai and the UK.

He tutors Maths, English & Science from 11+ to GCSE level and has had notable success in assisting students to gain places at some of the world’s most competitive schools including: Eton, Harrow, St Paul’s, Cheltenham Ladies College. He also assists and advises students with applications to Oxbridge and other top universities.

Kieron also acts as an advisor and consultant for families on all matters relating to education.

Zoe (MA Oxon. PGCE) is a graduate from the University of Oxford and is an English and Literacy specialist, who teaches English in secondary school at KS3, KS4 and KS5.

She is particularly experienced in preparing students for exams, both at GCSE and A-level. As a Sixth Form tutor, she supports students with university applications to Russell

Group universities, including Oxford & Cambridge, ensuring that every pupil reaches their full potential and achieves their academic goals.
In addition to teaching in school, she regularly teaches on summer academic writing programmes at local universities, including Birmingham University and BCU.

Rachel (MSc. PGCE) is a graduate from the University of Manchester and is a passionate teacher of Science. Prior to training as a teacher, Rachel began her career in environmental
consultancy as an Aquatic Scientist.

She is keen to inspire children using her direct experience of science in “the real world” and now has ten years of teaching experience gained from a range of schools located across the UK. She has an adaptable teaching style to suit the needs of pupils with a range of abilities and from a diversity of backgrounds.

Rachel’s specialism is in Biology, which she teaches at A-Level, in addition to all three sciences at GCSE and KS3 level.

Kara (MSc. PGCE) is a graduate from Imperial College, London and is a very experienced teacher of Mathematics. Prior to entering a teaching career, she was employed on as a graduate computer programmer. Following several years spent working in Chicago with NFPs, she returned to the UK and trained as a maths teacher in 2011, gaining her PGCE through the Graduate Teaching Programme at Landau Forte College and the University of Nottingham.

She has since taught mathematics at KS3, GCSE and A Level, GCSE physics and KS3 computer science. She is also an examiner for Pearson for A-Level mathematics.


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