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An expert provider of private tuition and exam support in the Midlands, London and Internationally.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional teaching standards, all of our tutors are hand-picked, inspirational experts, trained to bring out the best in their students; they are all graduates of leading universities including many from Oxford & Cambridge.

Whether your child needs a little extra help with a particular subject, longer term academic assistance in the run up to exams or would benefit from attending a revision workshop at the Arlen Academies, then Arlen Education can help.








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“Join our Online Academy! – enrolling September 2019”

We offer GCSE and A-Level revision support to existing school students, those returning to studying and independent learners

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Our team has over 200 years experience providing help for GCSE & A-Level students.

Arlen Education is run and managed by a professional teaching team with decades experience helping students prepare for GCSEs and A-Levels. We have dedicated our careers to developing the very best teaching techniques and manners of delivery. Our tutors are all experienced, trained and dedicated individuals who know the best practices to allow students to reach their goals.

Our online platform, developed over 1000s of hours with leading software developers, provides students with the most dedicated tuition team, top quality notes, resources, practice questions, video explanations and walkthroughs to help you fulfil your potential. Support your GCSE & A-Level studies with the Arlen experts.

How Does Arlen Online Work?

What We Offer – Coming September 2019

  • 24/7 Tutor Access – contact your tutor for help with your revision and studies, receive a reply within 24 hours
  • Revision Resources – fully printed, bound and delivered materials written by the Arlen team
  • Video Resources – explainer videos from our team to help your understanding
  • Past Paper Walkthrough – printed past paper questions with a walkthrough from our tutors on what they would write
  • Assignment Submission – send completed work to us for marking and feedback

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